How to scale a collider still conforming to PhysX?

I wanted to ask if it is even possible to scale a gameObject with collider so it stay’s in sync with PhysX. I have a sphere that I want to scale up. It’s lying on the floor. I tried scaling the object in both Update and FixedUpdate, but none of both ways made the collider stay on top of the surface. It’s just sinking in and eventually getting out again. Running that at a fraction of time I can see that the iteration solver is doing its work, slowly.

Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I have to move the object away from any collider surrounding it myself, but I wanted to be sure.

(The green sphere is the one scaled up. Notice how it penetrates the floor, even though it’s scaled in FixedUpdate).

You could try reducing the fixed time step, but that would increase the physics load.

Might I suggest a simpler solution?

Translate the object on the axis you’re scaling -so that the object’s collider never actually clips through objects in the first place.

It would have the same effect.

Otherwise, you need to find out the exact time in milliseconds that it takes for PhysX to correct the object, and then use that as your delay between scaling.