How to scale all sprites, gui buttons, texts, images, 3d objects proportional to the screen height

Can I set a single Unity config that make everything appear in proportion to the height of the screen? For example, something with y=10px in 400x300 developing screen appears with y=20px in 800x600 and 960x600, y=24px in 720p screen, y=36px in the 1920x1080 and even y=13 on a 499x391 windowed app? Is it simple to do? Or need a lot of scripts? How to do it with best performance (only necessary calculations and graphic proccess)? Thanks.

Select the Canvas in the Hierarchy tab and then go to inspector tab. > In the inspector tab goto Canvas Scaler choose “Scale with Screen Size” in UI Scale Mode and assign your development resolution in Reference Resolution (x,y) then change “Match” into 0.5.