How to scale cloth during runtime?

I noticed that scaling a game object with a cloth component during doesn’t have any effect, the object says the same size no matter the scale. Is there a way to somehow reset the cloth after scaling or is it just impossible to scale an object with cloth?

Had the same problem and found this workaround. Execute after resize:

private void _resetCloth() {
	_cloth.enabled = false;
	_cloth.enabled = true;

_cloth is a reference to a Cloth component.

Be sure to paint all vertices and set its localScale to 0 on function Start.

And set the following values while scaling in order to avoid any desturbing movements.
worldVelocityScale = 20;
worldAccelerationScale = 20;
damping = 0.1;

Here I’m showing the implementation of Cloth Scaling in Unity 2022.3 LTS at 10:40 in the video using the example project (Basketball Unity Asset):