How to scale spotlight cone?

Hi, I am trying to achieve more uniform headlights projection on ground. When I use unity spotlight, the light projection is very intense near the light and then it quickly fades. I think solution could be ability to scale the cone on Y (height) axis to simulate real car’s headlight optics. But scaling transform doesn’t scale the cone :frowning: Another solution could be to somehow limit maximal illumination so that there couldn’t be such bright spot when increasing the light intensity. Any suggestions will be appreciated :slight_smile:
This is how it currently looks like and the second picture is what I’m trying to achieve

I think what you want to do can be achieved by playing with the **Shape** and the **Emission>>Range** settings and maybe tilting the light a bit upwards.


just a quick thought, that you will want two light sources, as the car has two. little point but will add to the realism of the car.