how to screenshot in video format?

I want to make a trailer for my game. its done. does anyone have any recommendations for programs out there I could run in the background to capture whatever my screen is doing in a video format?

thank partner!

Please look here, you may make 4k 60FPS video even on notebook, designed for trailers and asset presentation:

I think AVS has a screen record function, but when i use it , it drops frames…

There’s several free solutions:

  • If you have an nVidia graphics card, just enable shadow play.
  • Or, for real-time video recording you can try OBS.
  • To render video at super high resolution, you can try one of the scripts on the wiki (or, say, Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making ) called in OnPostRender () to save frame-by-frame and then join them using a tool like ffmpeg.