how to script 2-6 death collisions on a enemy?

this is 2d game and javascript

what im looking for is to “on collision” with player the enemy gets killed, but the player can(if he wants to) over kill the enemy,
in other words-- if player hits enemy 2nd time and 3rd the enemy will get blown up more. I want 6 possible /allowed collisions per enemy.

So on 1st collision enemy dies,
On 2nd collision enemy explodes more
3rd collision enemy blows up to pieces, 4th smaller pieces-5th more smaller pieces etc

I know the images are up to me so you guys cant help with that -
what I need help with is how to code and allow on the 1st collision this animation(death1)/ or image shows, on 2nd collision (death2) shows on 3rd collision death3 shows etc

how do you code this? please be specific im new here and would like to know exact instructions to follow if anyt

below is the working on collision 1st death

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND I HAVE AND UNDERSTAND THE ON COLLISION Death 1ST One… I just don’t know how to do allow, the 2nd 3rd etc…

keep in mind the enemy will fade out after about 4-5 seconds no matter what so if player doesn’t overkill the enemy to death 2 an deth3 etc enemy is set to disappear

var animator : Animator;
	var Boom: AudioClip;
	var ded: AnimationClip;
	var hit: AudioClip;
	var ko: AnimationClip;
	function Start () {
		animator = GetComponent("Animator");
		animation.clip = ded;
		animation.clip = ko;
	audio.clip = Boom;
	audio.clip = hit;
		function OnCollisionEnter2D(coll : Collision2D) {
         if (coll.gameObject.tag == "Enemy") {
    animator.SetBool("dead", true);
             Debug.Log("Player collision detected");
			animator.SetBool("Fire1", true);

		else {
			animator.SetBool("Fire1", false);
	function SetFire1(value: boolean) {
		Fire1 = value;
		animator.SetBool("Fire1", value);

You should create a int variable that will serve as a counter for how many times you entered the collision. Initialize it at 0 and everytime there is a collission detected , increment it by one.
Then depending on the number of the counter use the animations that you want. Keep in mind that the animator can take floats as variables.
It is likely not the best solution but it will work.

You should also take a look at animation events if you want to do more advanced stuff with animations.