How to script a Save/Load option on IPhone?

Hi! I was doing some research, but I couldn`t find a simple way for recording some information in IPhone. I want do know how save simple data, like de PlayerPrefs, but without loosing them after the program is closed. I want basically save the options of the player and also the local scoreboard of the game. I would really appreciate any help, thx!

-------- EDITED ---------

Like my friend there told me, PlayerPrefs should me saving the variables even when the game is turned off. So now my problem becomes the follow: " Why am I loosing de PlayerPrefs just when my game is closed "? This is where a think the problem is:

function Start(){
    if ( !PlayerPrefs.HasKey("level") ){
        PlayerPrefs.SetInt("level", 2);
        PlayerPrefs.SetInt("sound", 1);
        PlayerPrefs.SetInt("music", 1);
        PlayerPrefs.SetInt("skin", 1);
    iPhoneSettings.screenOrientation = iPhoneScreenOrientation.Landscape;

This is the code executed in my menu screen. I check if the level have already been set, if not ( meaning that this is the first time that the game is running ) I put the values of the PlayerPrefs to the default ones. I'm doing it right? Just remember that if a go to the menu screen during the game, the PlayPrefs continue normal. But if I quit, they come back to the default ones...

The data stored usingPlayerprefs should not be lost after the program is closed, so it's ideal for your needs.