How to see custom events on Unity Analytics

Hi, I use the unity Analytics, and I discovered custom events.

So perfect. I integrate this. And it’s work perfectly.

But now where can I display this data ?! If it’s the Funnel analyzer the solution. So, explain me. I can’t understand this. I don’t have found any documentation.

Hi, I am on the Unity Analytics team. There are a couple of methods to view this:

  1. You can review your events in the event validator (up to the last 50 events). We do have a limit of 10,000 events per project that can be logged in the validator. If for any reason you stop seeing events captured, you’ve probably hit your cap. Please contact us to reset this.
  2. Within Data Explorer, there is an option to "Add Custom Event.” You can view your events in the dropdown menu.

How to see custom event’s parameters ?

my game analytics are working fine in unity editor but not working in Andriod device