How to see the functions and scripts being called when playing game

I am new to Unity and trying to understand a pretty complex Unity project.
I am trying to reverse engineer here…

While playing the game in Unity, how do I see the functions and scripts being called while tapping on game objects…
Is there a way to do this without touching the code…

In Xcode, one can see what is happening during runtime in a tab below.
Pretty difficult to figure out same thing in Unity… :frowning:

Please help

I don’t think there is anything like that in Unity by default. Something like Update that is included in a lot of scripts is called every frame for example in game plays at 60fps all the active updates would be called 60 times in a second. This would flood out log fairly quickly.

Simplest thing you can do to achieve what you want is to add print(string) in the scripts which will print string to console.

For example in this print will say name of the function and name of the transform that was given to it when called.

void MoveObject(Transform myTransform)
    print("MoveObject(" + + ")");

if u only want it u can resive messeges from the console, if u use:

void CallingFuntion() 
Debug.log("CallignFuntion was Called!");
//Normal Code here.

When the funtion is calling u Will see the messeges on the console.