How to select an animation clip by index number?

I have an created an animation in the editor with multiple clips,

How can I play a specific clip (for example the second one)?

I know the scripting reference explains how to select it by clip name, but is there a way to play it by index number?

I believe you can't, stupid, isn't it? You CAN however iterate over the animationclips with the (in C#) foreach keyword:

foreach (AnimationClip clip in animation) {
    // do initialisation or something on clip

I know this question is old, but I thought I’d share my fix.

I had 80 animated characters all with the same 5 animations, though some of them were named differently because it would be the walk cycle for a crawling baby or an old man with a walking stick, therefore different from the walk cycle of my generic humans.

What I did was create a script that just had a variable for animationClips.

var animList : AnimationClip[];

That’s it, that’s all my script had lol. Then I applied it to the prefabs of all my 80 chars, and listed their animations in respective order:


Then in script I just said


basically I couldn’t access THEIR array so I made my own array that I COULD access.

Kind of simple, but if it saves someone some time…

string ClipIndexToName(int index)
    AnimationClip clip = GetClipByIndex(index);
    if (clip == null)
        return null;

AnimationClip GetClipByIndex(int index)
    int i = 0;
    foreach (AnimationState animationState in animation)
        if (i == index)
            return animationState.clip;
    return null;

Update, since the above seems to have broke with Unity 5 (or maybe was always fragile and now I’m just finding out), I ended up changing GetClipByIndex to this. Too bad I have to hard-code the clip names, a little extra work:

AnimationClip GetClipByIndex(int index)
    string[] ClipNames = { "StepForward", "StepBackward", "ShortThrow", "LongThrow", "BackwardThrow", "SoftThrow", "Bull", "Hurt" };
    Animation animation = GetComponent<Animation>();
    return animation[ClipNames[index]].clip;

Not sure if this is how it’s supposed to work, but this does exactly what your asking.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class EnemyMovement : MonoBehaviour {

	Animation anim;
	public List<string> animNames;

	void Start(){
		anim = GetComponent<Animation> ();

		foreach (AnimationState clip in anim) {

	void Update(){

		if (//something happens//) {
			anim.CrossFade (animNames [1]);             //plays animation in element1 spot
		} else {
			anim.CrossFade (animNames [0]);             //plays animation in element0 spot

Animations in Array: Someone has tried to make a unique class to attach to the gameobject you're animating. I can't get it to work, but I understand the idea ..... I think. Anyway here is the thread:!!?highlight=animation+clip+index

Here is the way to index AnimationClips or AnimationStates as they are called:

    GameObject goPlayer = ... some object with animation

	int animCount = goPlayer.animation.GetClipCount(); // clip?! Unity people, why not state??
	Debug.Log("Animations found: " + animCount );
	int idx=0;
	foreach (AnimationState anim in goPlayer.animation) 
		// show me my animation name!!!
		Debug.Log("Animation ("+ idx +"): " +;
		idx ++;

arms is just the GameObject with the animation on it and 0 the index. Arms.GetComponent<Animation>()[0]