How to select keys in the animation editor?

In the help docs it refers to selecting keys to edit them, but I can't seem to select one. Clicking on one (say, Transform.Position.x) does nothing, nor does rubber-banding them, and if I right-click the only ooption I get is 'Add Key'.

I've imported a Position animation from Cinema4D and I want to keep the y keys, but edit or delete the x,z keys.

Is there a trick or separate tool for selecting keys?



EDIT: This only seems to apply to imported animations. With Unity-created ones I can click-select keys as expected.

EDIT 2: I didn't notice first time around, but in the animation editor it appended "(Read-Only)" on to the name of my clip. So I guess my question boils down to how do I convert a Read-Only clip to be editable?

That is correct. Animations imported from C4D (may be the same with other apps, not sure) will be read-only. So just make a duplicate of it in your project view, then rename it appropriately and apply it as the animation clip on your object. Then you can open the animation window with the object selected and edit the keyframes.

Hope that helps.