How to send a large data via bluetooth form Unity iOS app to Arduino

Hi all.

I’m record audio from microphone and converts an audio .wav file to bytes array about 100kbytes.

(Use FromAudioCilp for converts an audio file)
GitHub - deadlyfingers/UnityWav: WAV utility for saving and loading wav files in Unity

I tried to send a large data via bluetooth BLE device to Arduino which failed because of the size. and i tried to send each 30 bytes which worked but take a long time.

Is there a better way to send this large data? Is there any example out there?

Cheers, Sirisaku007.
Sorry, My English isn’t that good.

Bluetooth classic works better for audio. It has higher band width, I am not sure about its support in unity. how did you go about setting up BLE if you don’t mind me asking? @Sirisaku007