How To Send [Command] From Mouse Input Of The Local Player

im Working On a 3D Multiplayer Card Game,each playerPrefab has a cam,
the 52 cards Are spawned and has Network (Identities and Transform)and not set for server only or local player authority.
I want when a player click and Drag a card , i want the card to move on the server so that it will move on all clients as well im using OnMouseDown()OnMouseDrag()OnMouseUp() because im using sprites and not UI Please I really need your Help its been 2 days that im trying to solve this solution.

my problem is : when the server click and drag ,it moves on all the client .but if the client Drag it only move on the client.

I Forgot that [Command] runs only on LocalPLayer objects and the cards is for the server
so i had to send message to the playerPrefab script and then he will do a [Command]