How to send data from HoloLens 2 to Simulink via USB

Hello everyone,
I’m developing a Unity application to be run on HoloLens 2. My goal is to transmit real-time data from HoloLens 2 to Simulink, running on my laptop, using a USB-C connection.
I used a USB cable to connect HoloLens2 and my laptop.
I used the function serialPort.Write from the System.IO.Ports library in Unity, while on Simulink “Serial Configuration” and “Serial Receive” blocks from the Instrument Control Toolbox.

However, “Serial Receive” block generally recognizes only the COM port but when I connect HoloLens2 to my laptop, no COM port has recognized by Unity or Simulink.

Has anyone a similar situation? Has someone experience in developing an application for HoloLens 2 involving data transfer via USB?

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!