How to separate rigged character into parts?

I have a rigged character (ragdoll on death) with multiple skinned meshes (for each limb). How do I detach a limb from the rest of the character?
I have tried re-parenting and setting SkinnedMeshRenderer.rootBone to null but the limb always stretches across the game (still attached to character) and springs back on death but never separates.

I don’t think you’ll be able to blow apart the rig, and thus, meshes(es) unless you use some type of mesh cutter (like Exploder, it’s available in the asset store). However, I’ve never tried using multiple skinned mesh renderers. If you have a mesh for each limb/body part, you can try setting the Break Torque for each CharacterJoint in the ragdoll, but you’d need to have a mesh for each bodypart game object. If you’re trying to explode a character, the Exploder asset works reasonably well, but the “pieces” that are exploded don’t really look like body parts/limbs. If that’s what you’re looking for, you may want to first try setting the BreakForce and BreakTorque on the CharacterJoints in the ragdoll parts.