how to seperate two visually distinct game modes

In my game I would like have a space view and a terrain view.

The user can switch between these at any time.

I could use 2 scenes but load times and sharing data seems like a draw back.

Alternatively I could track objects which belong to which view and enable disable as required.

Both seem messy.

Any advice?

Two or more cameras or move the main camera. I would normally go for two cameras.

If you want to you can also have them both rendering at the same time too. So you can have the terrain view the whole screen and have a smaller rendering for a top view to give you a “map view” type of thing.

The code below will allow you to toggle which camera using the “C” key:

// Add cameras to the object in the editor
public var camlist: Camera[];

function Update()
		Debug.Log("Change Camera");
		for( var cam: Camera in camlist)
		if(currentCam >= camlist.Length)