How to sequence multiple animations

I’m trying to sequence several different GameObjects’ animations.

Is there a way to animate multiple, separate GameObjects within one timeline, without the GameObjects sharing a common parent?

The key to this, is that I want to be able to scrub a timeline and see it affect all the concerned animations within the Unity editor (them sharing a timeline isn’t absolutely required, just an example). It’s difficult to animate both a camera and a moving object separately and have them match up how I want (when animating with two separate timelines).

EDIT: I was hoping to avoid code, i.e. do this all in the Animation View. This link comes close, but still requires that the multiple objects share a common GameObject parent. The CutsceneController animating the “Hero and Sidekick” is the type of thing I want, but I want to do it without the Hero and Sidekick both being children of the CutsceneController.

If I understand correctly, you need to access all Animation components (FindObjectsOfType) and change their timeScale.

Use this component

Unity5 Sequencer (Director - so long) part 2 - YouTube