How to serialize terrain images and deserilize once ?

Hello there,

made a lot of try but find the good angle… so thank in advance !

Objectiv : load terrain from serialized data in a built application.

  1. I have a folder in which I saved some JPG and serialized data from Terrain.

  2. I want them to convert them to Texture2D for TerrainData once.

  3. The terrain keep those data without need to reload Texture2D. (as if the Terrain as always been like that)

To be specific, it’s a big Terrain with 256 image to load, I made it work for 2 / 3 images but when I scale it to 256… Well, memory leak…

I used the asset “TerraLand3” for creating those terrains so I can get solution with that too.
I’m able to load data, convert to Texture2D, the point missing is : I want this terrain to keep those settings and texture without reloading them at each restart.

Thank you again in advance and have a nice week end ! =)

Another way to present it should be :
I have a compiled unity application.
I want to change the terrain in one of the scene inside without recompiling it.