How to set a custom screen resolution, such as 1512 X 1080

Hello, I have a urgent problem.

I am in change with a project which will use a unique resolution----1512 X 1080.

But now I don’t know how to set this resolution.

I have used “Screen.SetResolution(1512, 1080, true);”. But the resolution restored to 1280 X 720.

Can you tell me how to set custom resolution of output?


File>Build Settings>Player.
You can set up a custom resolution in the Resolution tab there.

If you’re talking about full-screen, you can’t use a screen resolution that doesn’t exist on the user’s computer. Non-standard custom sizes will only work in windowed mode, and only if they are smaller than the desktop resolution.


public void SetRenderingResolution(int w, int h);

void FixedUpdate () {
Screen.SetResolution(1512, 1080, true);