how to set a fire button

Hello, im following along with the unity space shooter tutorials, and ive ran into a problem. in the video 1.7"shooting shots" i have followed along with the instructor and everything has seemed to work fine, but my shots will not fire, no matter what i do.
so, naturally i tired to find out what the fire button is, so i when into Edit > Project Settings > Input
to see what was set as what. in the video, the “Fire1” command is used, but problem: i have 2 fire1’s! im not sure whats happening, but ive tried to set both of them to e. but it still dosent work, and i still dont know how to fire my shots! can anyone help me with this?
please and thank you, i look forward to working with unity.

I have the same problem!

If you right click on your second (redundant) Fire1 in your Axes list, you can delete the extra Fire1. Hope this helps, @exspearmtl and @cHantun.