how to set a rotation without it constantly rotating?

I’m trying to set an object’s rotation without it constantly rotating. Say there’s a float for the rotation’s value, if that float is at 90, I want the object to stay at 90 degrees, not rotate 90 degrees constantly causing a headache to anyone who sees it.
I’m coding in C# so if it’s possible you can help me in that language I’d appreciate it, trying to keep things constant.

!!!EDIT 10-23-2015!!!
I’m trying to make the object’s rotation relative to the minute of the hour.

!!!EDIT 11-3-2015!!!
Okay, scratch the minute of day thing, I need it relative to real time.

You’re probably changing the rotation inside the Update or LateUpdate methods, just move the code somewhere that’s called only once. If this is not your case then share the code you’re using.

If you want a smooth rotation you can use a coroutine and the Rotate method, or do it in Update but inside an if that checks if the object needs to be rotated.

Sounds like you want to make a [clock][1] (


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