How to set default texture value in Post-processing stack V2

When programming a custom effect in for the Post-processing stack v2, I can properly set default Float values. But how about default Texture values?

public sealed class Watercolor : PostProcessEffectSettings
    public FloatParameter scale = new FloatParameter { value = 1f };

    public TextureParameter tex = new TextureParameter { value = ?};

You cannot really do anything better than null easily.

But There is an enum TextureParameterDefault that you can use to set the default value to defaultState .
You can use Black, White, Transparent or Lut2D

You can find info in the script ParameterOverride.cs in PostProcessing/Runtime .

If you write something like this :

public TextureParameter yourTextureParameter= new TextureParameter {
value = null, 
defaultState = TextureParameterDefault.Black 

you can use that value with RuntimeUtilities to get a default texture when you check if your parameter is null.

    Texture texParameter = settings.yourTextureParameter.value;
    if ( texParameter == null)
        TextureParameterDefault def = settings.yourTextureParameter.defaultState;
        switch (def)
            case TextureParameterDefault.Black:
                texParameter = RuntimeUtilities.blackTexture;
            case TextureParameterDefault.White:
                texParameter = RuntimeUtilities.whiteTexture;
            case TextureParameterDefault.Transparent:
                texParameter = RuntimeUtilities.transparentTexture;