How to set fixed number of digits?

I was wondering if there was a clean and short way to make a certain integer always to show with three digits, even if it is lower than 100 (i.e. 003, 005, 012, 057, 099). I do not like doing it like this:

if (i < 100)
if (i < 10)
someString = “00” + i.ToString();
else someString = “0” + i.ToString();
someString = i.ToString();

The ‘Dn’ parameter of ToString() specifies the number of leading 0’s; so for your example, requiring 3 leading zero’s, the code would be:

threeDigitString = i.ToString(“D3”);

See the reference here:

i.ToString(“D3”) May not always work in Unity, but you have custom options that can be filled in as

int i = 23;
print("3 digit num = " + i.ToString("000") );

The same can be used to ensure padding for a minimum number of digits however many they might be.