How to set GUI text at right down of scene

Hi! I wondering about pixel offset of GUI Text…
I set pixel offset x = 110 and y = 90, in Game view this is correctly position which I want but when I click Maximize on Play(in Game view) this position move to wrong position
Please tell me how to use pixel offset, I confused how it work
and if I want to set my GUI text at the right down of scene (I don’t know how to call this position, Well… I call "left top " which position at (0,0) of scene so right down is something like this )
Thank you!

Unless you have very precise screen coordinate requirements for placement, I recommend setting pixel offset to (0,0), setting the anchor location as appropriate to your positioning, and adjusting the position in the transform. GUIText components use Viewport coordinates. Viewport coordinates start with (0,0) in the lower left corner and (1,1) in the upper right. So the default settings of (0.5,0.5) with a middle center anchor would place the text precisely in the center of the screen. A Transform position of (0,0) with an anchor in the lower left would place the text in the lower left of the screen. Setting of (1,1) and anchor in the upper right would place the text in the upper right corner of the screen.