How to set LayerMask's optional parameter value to 'Everything'?

Is it possible to have an optional layermask parameter set to -1, which is the bit representation for “Everything” without having to overload the function?

public static void DoSomething(LayerMask targetMask = -1){

will give an error: Optional parameter expression of type int' cannot be converted to parameter type UnityEngine.LayerMask’



prints 0

Iam sorry for asking a kind of unneccesary question, but when it comes to designing code useful and having things not redundant this is a major problem to me.

Thanks in advance.

My primary language is C++, so I must admit my C# knowledge is not as in depth, but from what I do know you can’t provide default class values like this.

LayerMask is a class, and though it has a conversion method for automatically converting an integer to the mask, that does not work at compile time in C#, so this code isn’t possible as you’ve given. You have an “out” though.

LayerMask is merely a wrapper around an integer (I would have assumed an unsigned integer, but it doesn’t matter). The parameter of your method will have to use an integer, not a LayerMask, as input. For that you can provide a compile time constant default initializer (where you can’t with a class), which can be used during runtime to assign or initialize a LayerMask within the function which will convert at runtime. You merely have to switch your thinking from that of a LayerMask parameter to an integer.

No you can’t because default parameters need to be compile time constants. They are just syntactic sugar. So if you want it to be optional, just implement an overload like this:

public static void DoSomething()