How to set my own graphics

Hi everyone,
I’ve created 4 different graphic quality(low, medium, hight and very hight)
The question is How can I set one of these graphics as my game graphics?
I tried some scripts as:
But if you noticed that “MyOwnGraphics” can’t be one of the 4 graphics that i created in "Edit>Project Settings->Quality->Add Quality Level
Please anyone help me. I really need help.

You need to call the graphics setting you want by using the number of your setting.
By default the settings are numbered:

  • Fastest = 0 Fast = 1 Simple = 2 Good
    = 3 Beautiful = 4 Fantastic = 5

If you add quality level it will be no 6 and so on.
To call your quality setting you need to write something like:

QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(6, true);

Take a look at the documentation