how to set object's x,y,z based on GUI.Texfield's content? thanks

i want to make object’s coordinates (vector3) be responded with the float number from GUI.Textfield’s? Thanks! if you write some similar code,i’ll love you ! :slight_smile:

thanks everyone. i hava solved it . the large question is finding a function ----
a = float.Parse(x)

//and others under
var x : String = “000”;
x = GUI.TextField(Rect(10,10,100,10),x,7);
a = float.Parse(x);

// … so as y and z
// you can also design a GUI.Button to achive it addtionally.
var sphere : GameObject = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(ParimitiveType.Sphere);
sphere.transform.position = vector3(this.a,this.b,this.c);

// the main idea is up .hope you guys with the same quetion will sovle it yourself.