How to set Prime31 AdMob (IOS / Android) to 'Test Mode'

Hi to All,

I’ve recently set up my AdMob config.
On AdMob site it looks: “Use test mode setting set in client code”

  1. How to set (using Prime31 AdMob) the test mode (on / off)

  2. Please confirm I understand correctly, the test mode serves requesting/displaying ads like normal, but clicking the ad does not generate revenue for me, so no one can fake ad clicking by running an app and clicking.
    As a consequence testing app NOT in test mode setting (still how to set?) counts cheating AdMob system. (I definitely do not want to disable my new AdMob account, so currently I scared to click to the ads, not knowing I am test mode client setting or not)

Thx for answers

Efforts made by us to make switching test mode like a snap.
In our Admob plugin implementation, there is a check box named “Test Mode” on the gameObject. check it to enable test mode or uncheck it to let live ads come in.
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