How to set SceneView Zoom Distance from script C#

I want to set scene view camera same as a scene camera object, because there will be more than one camera and I like to see that object view in scene as it currently is, like the tiny camera preview, but for the entire scene view camera. With this code below you will need to scroll with the mouse wheel to set the zoom level or distance to zero - only doing that will let you have the same camera view.

I used this code:

if (GUILayout.Button("Zeige Kamera Sicht"))
    SceneView sceneView = SceneView.lastActiveSceneView;
    sceneView.ResetCameraSettings(); = activeLinkedCamera.projectionMatrix;
    sceneView.rotation = activeLinkedCamera.transform.rotation;
    sceneView.pivot = activeLinkedCamera.transform.position;;
    Debug.Log("Szenen Kamera aktualisiert");

But I recognized, that the zoom level stays the same and I cannot identify a property to set it from script. I mean, I am looking to control the SceneView camera zoom (Scroll Wheel).

sceneView.size = 0.001f;

It is very helpful that Unity released the C# editor implementation.

For example, here is the code that defines the scene Window: