How to set the height of a editor popup window.

I thought this would be easy, but I’ve been struggling with it for a while now. I have a popup in a custom editor window with about 60 values in it. When I select the popup, it opens a dropdown showing these values. Unfortunately it takes up the entire height of the screen, while giving me the ability to scroll up and down to show the rest of the options that would be offscreen.

I would rather limit this popup window have a set height, or a set number of values to show, before, and scroll through the rest of the options from there.

It make more sense to me if this dropdown was about 10 items long or so, with options to scroll up and down as needed. I’ve tried various EditorGUILayout options, but these only affect the styling of the popup itself, not the actual “dropdown” window that appears when you select it. Is it possible to style a popup window to customize the height?

Roll your own, Unity popup is pretty basic and is meant for small lists