How to set up multiplayer?

Okay, before anyone asks: Yes, I did try googling this. Yes, I tried watching videos, and yes, I actually attempted the stuff I watched. I am currently creating a FPS (please watch this, its very short: - YouTube) and I would like to add multiplayer to it. The way I would like it to work is to load up with a welcome screen that lets you either create or connect to servers. Once you either create or connect, the main map loads with all the other players connected (right now, the players will look like capsules). How would I go about doing this? I have tried the ConnectionGUI script from Unities network tutorial, but I’m afraid I don’t understand it. Would anyone please give me detailed instruction on how I would achieve this? Thank you for any answers.

Follow this tutorial, it works very well and you can easily edit it: CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Help - CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Feedback

Just to give you an idea, you just asked “Can someone teach me to be fluent in another language?” - it’s not an overnight/week/month thing.

Start here. By the end you should hopefully be able to narrow the question a bit.