How to set up multiple cameras for multiplayer

I have done some basic unity coding and wanted to turn a maze game i made into a multiplayer game. i followed several tutorials including the one in unity documentation and everything is working except whenever a new player joins everyone views the game from their perspective. I have a camera hooked to the player prefab which may be my problem. I have searched the forums for the answer but they all appear to use the deprecated NetworkView. If someone can tell me how to go about it id appreciate it.

Ah I had this problem to. A simple fix is to disable the new players camera on join.

I have a script called “PlayerSetup” which loops through an array and disables components on other players on join. Here is a part of my PlayerSetup script:

    //Assign this in the inspector (Things you want disabled)
    GameObject[] objectsToDisable;

    //Runs when the player joins. (Remember this will run on every player in the scene)
    private void Start()
        if (isLocalPlayer)


    //Loops through player objects to disable
    private void DisableObjectOnClient()
        foreach (GameObject i in objectsToDisable)

Hope that helps. If you have any questions feel free to ask