How to set-up the main level mesh of a game

Hello! I’ve been following the FPS tutorial in the Unity website. I would like the change the main level mesh of the game with something I downloaded off the internet, mainly out of curiousity and testing purposes.

How do I setup the mesh as the mesh for the level so that my character controller is able to collide with it? I imported an FBX model in Unity and when my character steps on it, my character just falls through it as if it were invisible.

Assuming that I already have a model for the game, how can I set it up as the main level mesh without making my character fall through it like a ghost?



Does the Mesh you have imported have a collider? You can check in the fbx import setting for it to generate colliders. If this doesn’t work you can add child objects and make primitive colliders for the mesh.

If this also doesn’t work you should check if the player has a collider as well. Also please note that mesh colliders cannot collide with on another, but if one is primitive and one is a mesh it will work. Primitive colliders are different, they can collide with each other.

I hope this isn’t to confusing but I am sure colliders are your problem. You can also check if any of the colliders have “Is Trigger” checked.