How to set Visual Studio

Hi! Please I need help! I can´t open the C# scripts even though I have the pluggin installed. Just tells me to search for an app in the Microsoft Store. Can somebody help me. Thanks.
Kind regards :slight_smile:

Hey! Try going to Unity: Edit tab > Preferences > External Tools > External Script Editor, and put the visual studio there. If you don’t have the software installed, or it doesn’t appear, try downloading Visual Studio Community from the official web:

And when installing it, make sure to check “Game development with Unity” on the Workloads.

I hope it helps you!

@BilalaikaDev Thank you so much!
You got a new follower and your point! Can I ask you is it necessary to have that check as in the screenshot that I upload? (the first one with the red circle) Sorry, Im new learning and have no experience.
Thanks again!

What you showed in vs.png is plugin for Visual Studio CODE, not Visual Studio. VS is IDE, while VS Code is text editor.