How to setup character Collisions?


I’m trying to setup my character and so far i modelled it, rigged it, animated it and imported it into Unity so now all i need to do is setup collisions and physics so i can start the actual game.

But my question is, how can i do this?

Obviously, i expect my character to be affected by physics in many occasions, like fly away when it’s nearby an explosion or turn into a ragdoll when it falls/dies. I tried to find a good way to get these results and i found alot of articles about the character controller, rigidbodies and colliders, but i ended up confused and without an idea of which one i should use. I’m not sure if this changes anything, but i’ll be using mecanim.

Extra info:

I’ve been reading some stuff about character control and it doesn’t seem like the best approach for me, since i want to have full controll over my character and know exactly how it behaves. Also programming is not a problem to me so i would like to script something that could help me, all i need is some help to find the best way of doing it.

Thanks in advance!

A ragdoll is a dead body.

To me there are 2 approaches to dieing.

  1. Doing a swap which is imperceptable to player
  2. Dead body walking but kinematic.

My process.

  1. make capsule gameobject with rigidbody constrained not to tip over
  2. script to add forces to slide it around for character motion (very tricky to adjust till acceptable to self)
  3. add mouse look script to turn it horizontally
  4. use ragdoll wizard on character
  5. choose to become ragdoll - by replacing with ragdoll (impossible to get up again after death but easier to implement), Or -using ragdoll with all rigidbodies set to kinematic as character then setting to unkinematic on death ().

I quess this AnimFollow

is quite exactly what you are looking for.