How to setup TextMesh Pro Font Asset to include characters from all languages?

So, I want to use TextMesh Pro to optimize game chat. There are people from all over the world using this chat. So I have latin, chinese, japanese, russian and all kind of stuff. My question is, how to generate Font Asset that includess characters from all languages? Now I’m using Unity UI Text component which is generating text geometry runtime so there is no problem with “missing” characters but ofc performance is much worse than on TMP. I will discribe what I’ve tried to do, maybe I’m missing sth.

ASCII, Extended ASCII, ASCII lower/upercse, numbers + symbols not suited me ofc. There are two options for me: ranges and custom characters. But general problem is that “non-asian” languages have in total ~2k characters. Asian languages have in total like 100k (!) characters. There is no posibility to generate that huge atlas. What am I doing wrong?

Many game companies separate games into regions around the world so that they can optimise the experience, which of course includes fonts for languages for that region. Are you sure your users would want to use all character sets at the same time? Would it provide them a good experience seeing characters they don’t know in the same chat?

I know this is not an ideal solution, it is kinda dodging the question, but some issues do not have a good solution. If you are not satisfied with this approach, check this forum thread and this video tutorial that might offer some solution or explanation.

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