How to share a feed on my page's timeline?

Long story short, I’d like to avoid users spamming their walls with my game’s stuff, so I decided, when they click “Share” the feed to go on our FB Page timeline instead theirs.

At that moment I use FB.FeedShare

    public static void FeedShare(
      string toId = "",
      Uri link = null,
      string linkName = "",
      string linkCaption = "",
      string linkDescription = "",
      Uri picture = null,
      string mediaSource = "",
      FacebookDelegate<IShareResult> callback = null

to post on their walls and it works like a charm. Yet I think it could be better if it’s on our page’s timeline. Is this possible?

P.S. Our page I want to post to, isn’t an app page.

Use the toId parameter from FB.FeedShare to post to a specific page. You can find the Facebook ID of a page with this tool: