How to share project files between 2 developers?


I realize this question has been asked many times in some form or another, but I'm having trouble getting a grip on the answer as it applies to me. We'd like to avoid version control for now- there are only 2 of use developing the game.

Currently we are just zipping up the entire project (including scene, assets, library folder, etc.) and giving that back and forth to each other. One of us would never edit the scripts so it works ok.

My question is- what is the minimal set of files that need to be 'handed off' to each other? Do we need to include the Library folder each time? Or should we use the Assets packager? Maybe zipping the entire project is the best way?


Yea, Unity is weird in that there are a lot of things that change that you don't really expect as far as whether certain files were updated or not. If you don't want version control for now zipping the entire project would be the safest way of getting the changes back and forth.

Another option that might work for you though is a program called DropBox. Which lets you sync a file on your computer to anyone you share your file to. So you could probably put your unity project in that folder and since like you said you will both be working on different sections it might work quite well for you. So whenever you change something and save it dropbox will automatically sync the updated files to your friend and the same goes for when they change something as well it will show up on your end.

I would give it a try with a copy of your game and see if it works well for you.

As mentioned before, Dropbox is a good option. However, to prevent conflicts, I would suggest using Dropbox along with a distributed versioning system like Mercurial (what I use) or HG, and push/pull with Dropbox to your working copy. When stuff just updates in your Dropbox when you're working it can explode in your face.

Apart from that, versioning is always a good thing :)

Unity (free) is designed for individual use. If you want to use proper source control, then you either get Asset Server or Unity Pro (and enable external source control).