How to share project settings on asset server?

We're using the Unity Asset Server to collaborate on a project, and it appears that none of our project settings are shared.

This is the process as I currently understand it...

  1. Create a new project in Unity.
  2. Add a bunch of assets to that project.
  3. Create a new project on the Asset Server.
  4. Commit assets to the new Asset Server project.

Now someone else wants to sync with your project, this is what THEY do:

  1. Create a new project in Unity.
  2. Connect to the other person's Asset Server project.
  3. Update.

Notice that both workers have created a local project, so after syncing their assets are the same but their projects could have completely different settings.

In particular we noticed this problem when I created new connections in my local project's input manager (a button called 'Crouch'), then referenced the 'Crouch' button in my scripts. When another person synced to the project on the server the scripts all broke because he didn't have a 'Crouch' button defined anywhere.

I assume the same problem exists for all project and render settings? Is there a way to sync projects on the Asset Server?

OK, your project settings get saved as their own .asset files, so they can be shared on the Asset Server just like any other asset.