How to shoot spider man webs?

I’m beginning development of a Spiderman VR hobby project, and have run into a problem. I myself am more well versed with Autodesk Maya so creating game assets isn’t to difficult for me, although when it comes to the programming side of things, I’m much worse. So my goal is to be able to shoot web’s from my controller and hit objects and stick to it. I can work out the rest in the future, like web slinging and swinging, but right now I just need to create the web mechanic. I wan’t the web shooting mechanic to be like the one in the Homecoming VR Experience.

Does anybody know how I may accomplish this?

Here are some ingredients to put on your errand list :

Transform.Forward, using transform.Forward to get the forward facing vector.

Physics.Raycast, this will let you cast a ray in the scene and find a “hit” position.

LineRenderer, this may help you render the web

RigidBody, you’ll need to investigate this one to know how you want your player to behave in regards to physics.

SpringJoint and this one may help you hang the player.

Good luck!