How to Shorten an Animation in Animation View

I have an animation that I did within Unity with the Animation view that is extending further then I want it. I can’t figure out how to shorten this animation even when I delete the key frame. In fact if I place the key frame further it makes the animation longer and I can not bring it to the frame I want it to end. Do I have to hack this and create a script to make it loop when I want it? Should I report a bug for the editor?

Any help would be most appreciated!


Here is a Script to fix this Animation Issue!

It worked for me, I’m on Unity Free 3.5.2f2!

In Dope Sheet mode select last keyframe hold Cmd for Mac (assuming Ctrl for Windows) and drag back and forth.
In Curves view select last keyframe hold Shift and drag back and forth.

(Unity 4.5.2f1)