How to show an Editor Window based upon Selection

So I want to show a custom editor window, but only when the selected gameobject in the hierarchy has a certain component or components. So click on a gameobject with a rigidbody component and the window shows, click on a gameobject without one (or deselect) and it hides.

I know I can manually trigger the window and I know I can check Selection.activeGameObject for those components, but I’m at a loss at how to run that check WITHOUT having an editor window open. Any ideas? Workarounds? I imagine I’ll have to have an instance of the script somewhere, right? :confused:

Well, sorry for answering my own question, but I think I figured it out! I can use InitializeOnLoad to run a static constructor to hook a static Update function to the EditorApplication.update delegate. Exactly the sort of functionality I was looking for and it works perfectly!

Here is the page of the manual that got me the answer I was looking for: Unity - Manual: Running Editor Script Code on Launch

And here is a bit of (rough) code that shows my solution. I still need to pare it down, but it illustrates the point:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System.Collections;

class Launcher{

static Launcher(){

// Update is called once per frame
static void Update () {
			Debug.Log("have object!");
	}else if(MyWindow.myWindow!=null){