How to show UIView in unity build game ?

I use Unity 3 (Trail version), I build a simple 3D view, now I want integrate the 3D view into standard iPhone app, how to say, I want the app first show a list view, when user choice on item from the list then show the 3D view…

how to do that ? any solution can simply solve ? many thanks for your help.

You can do that with native Objective-C code in your Xcode project.
Here are the docs.

For example, you would create a in the \Classes folder of your generated Xcode project, expose a function to call from Unity such as:

extern "C" void ShowCustomList()
    [mainViewController presentModalViewController:yourCustomListController animated:YES];

It would be up to you hookup to mainViewController (or whatever you want to call it). I generally do that by modifying the generated to notify my custom code when Unity’s main view is built, but you can do this however you want.

If all of that’s greek to you because you don’t do much work in Xcode, then you could alternatively try Prime 31’s tools that do this for you. (It would still be up to you to create and program the custom view, though).