How to simulate a cape?

Hi all, I write to know what is the standard procedure to simulate a cape on a character. I tried skinned and interactive clothing but both of them acted very weird (I’ve read that skinned clothing is just for small clothing). Any advice would be appreciated (I’ve access to 3DS max 2013 student edition, so any advice on how to use it to get the effect is appreciated to! :slight_smile: )

(I’m using the free version of unity so the shroud plugin is out of the question)

Two words:
Cloth Physics

It’s built into Unity, don’t know about free though

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Unity has its built-in cloth simulation. It’s really easy to use and you can find pretty cool tutorials out there about it.

If you want to go a bit more hardcore you can implement your own version.Verlet integration, for how arcane it might sound, is the best balance between difficulty and performance outcome.

Here’s a 2D implementation that you can easily turn into 3D (and to C#):

Verlet 2D implementation

Hope it helps