How to simulate drilling/welding/cutting a mesh?


Ive been researching this topic for quite a while now, I want to simulate the mentioned manipulations of a mesh in a 2d topdown environment with 3d/2d (whatever needed) meshes.

Basically its about 3 things:
Splitting Meshes at runtime.
Dent Meshes in Runtime.
Make Colliders adhere to these Changes.

Ive been looking into countless topics for the solution, took a look at MegaFiers(not exactly what I need, seems to be more about bending and such), tested several on-collision deformation scripts and read everything I could find.

NOTE: I have a (kindof) working solution, where every deformable object consists of 200 - 1500 meshes with colliders. It works, but is highly inefficient and doenst look that good.

NOTE 2: It would be ok to fake these changes, ive already tried with vectrosity (drawing on top of the mesh), but havent found the right way to enable collider updating to this yet.

So if you could give me a diretion what to research or what route to take, id be delighted. Thanks a lot!

You wanna google for “constructive solid geometry (CSG)”

And here are some assetstore packages: