How to skip already imported textures on AssetPostprocessor change?

Once in a while, I want to adapt my AssetPostprocessor for textures, so it automates the process of importing textures in new folders. I use the GetVersion method and increase the version by one when I’m done.
The problem is, whenever I do this, everything get’s reimported. Even though 99% of the textures already in the project are not going to change at all, because they’ve been imported once.

Is it possible to skip already imported textures? Maybe a solution by which I can tell the TextureImporter for each texture if it should be reimported or not. Like an else case where I just say skip. Once the script fully ran I would not increase the version number once more and just remove that code.

Is something like that possible? Running the importer only on new files?

I have the same problem. Would like to know solution.

Would like to know as well.

This question popped up while looking for something else, so sorry for replying to an old question. Anyway, this works for me. If the meta already exists, skip the importer process.

AssetDatabase.GetTextMetaFilePathFromAssetPath(string path);