How to snap a "Cube" ?


This is my 2nd day on unity 3d. I using the the book Unity 3.x Game Development Essential.

Now my question is, in the book’s first prototype project, in page 36, they are making a “Brick wall” by snapping one brick. It seems like what they meant is “duplicating one brick” easily, so the creating of wall is quick. That is how I understood it.

I tried to “snap” by dragging the “red” line of the brick(cube) while holding the CTRL key and the tool which we can select by clicking letter ‘W’ is selected.

But instead of copying and pasting (duplicating) , it simply “moved” the brick from one place to another. So my question is, my understanding about “Snapping” is correct? How to snap this brick and create this wall?

I am on windows 7 platform if it matters.

Please help.

Quoting excerpts from the Unity Manual page “Positioning GameObjects”:

Each of the three transform modes can be selected with a hotkey - W for Translate, E for Rotate and R for Scale.

While dragging any Gizmo Axis using the Translate Tool, you can hold the Control key (Command on Mac) to snap to increments defined in the Snap Settings.

The keys you’re pressing will create a sort of “snap to grid” effect with the GameObject(s) you’re moving. So far, so good.

Actually duplicating an object requires another step. As listed in the hotkeys manual page, select the GameObject(s) you want to duplicate, then press Ctrl+D (you can also select this from a menu; I forget which one at the moment).

If you duplicate and move one brick, you can then duplicate and move two, then four, then eight… eventually you’ll have a row of bricks, and can duplicate that to create a second row… pretty soon you’ll have your wall.

It may be easier to created a textured plane representing the wall, but that’s beyond the scope of your original question.