How do you set it so you can have your game objects snap to a global grid that all objects snap to, on the same points?

This is by far the most incredibly annoying problem out of many I’ve found with Unity.

The snap to grid settings only work for a local grid for each separate game object. This makes snapping to a grid borderline pointless. Each object only snaps from where it’s placed, not to a grid that can match up with other game objects easily.

GameMaker Studio does this perfectly, and I would like to know how to accomplish this in Unity 5. 2D Level design is pretty much impossible when I have to manually line up every single level piece pixel-perfect.

If you go to Edit → Snap settings you can adjust the amount in world units your object snaps to. You then either hold Command or Control while you move the object. Depending on if you are using a Mac or PC. Make sure you are on the Quad Arrow symbol (Second reading left), it is keybound to W, to drag the objects. See my settings in the picture below. I used it to snap a spawn formation together in 2D using empty game objects. You can use it for anything on the screen though. Also check out Unity’s documentation at…