How to solve a Unity fatal error?

Hi guys, I got a fatal error in unity. What happens is that I had to format the computer I save my game in a USB so when I finally have the game but when I open it seems like I have a lot of errors. And happens the same when I try to pass this to a friend. First: the meshes are not added to the objects. Second: The scripts are not there(Missing) but the information of the sript is there(on the object). Third: the material is not added to the object. Fourd: in the text mesh the font is missing. Fifth: some objects are invisible because of the mesh that is not added.

OK so I want to know why happen this, but the must important if its posible to solve this errors and (if its poible) how to solve it.

So please answer and keep answer until the problem is solve.

Thanks.... in andvance. :)

It seems you only put the exe file on your usb port. Make a folder and save the exe there. Upon saving the exe there will be a folder called (insert name of your game here) data. There will also be a pdb file. if they are all on there everything should be fine.