How to solve RPC error

class FPSPlayerNode
var playerName : String;
var networkPlayer : NetworkPlayer;
var score : int = 0;

networkView.RPC("ApplyGlobalScore", RPCMode.AllBuffered, score);

function ApplyGlobalScore(newscore : int)

	var entry : FPSPlayerNode = new FPSPlayerNode();
	//entry.playerName = playerName;
	entry.score = parseInt (newscore);
	print("score:" + newscore);

Sending RPC failed because ‘ApplyGlobalScore’ parameter 0 didn’t match the RPC declaration. Expected ‘System.Int32’ but got ‘System.MonoType’
UnityEngine.NetworkView:RPC(String, RPCMode, Object)
GameSetup:Awake() (at Assets/Scripts/Scripts/GameSetup.js:38)

Hello. I got this error and i would appreciate anyone can tell me what wrong??

you are making mistake while sending the score in networkview.RPC. you should probably make an instance of class FPSPlayerNode like FPSPlayerNode abc=new FPSPlayerNode();

abc.score =15; then send it via RPC. by the way if you want to reach score attribute directly you should make it public